Best Details for the Perfect Lesbian Escort for You

You can find information and read stories about sex between straight couples everywhere. At school you get sex education and in movies you sometimes see in the smallest detail how and what you can do with each other in bed. Unfortunately, you don’t find much about lesbian sex. It is not that you are told at school how you can have sex. There are not many good movies and you will not be able to buy a book with lesbian sex tips very quickly at the AKO at the station. How do you find out what to do if you want to sleep with a woman? We too have walked around with these questions. In our time there was little to be found online and we could only order books from Amazon from America. To make it a little easier for you than us, we therefore share ten tips for great sex with a woman. With the lesbian escort you can now have the best options available.

Use your intuition

  • The first time I also had no clue what to do.
  • What should I do with my fingers and when should I share my mouth with the whole?

It may be a bit easier if you have had sex with a man before, but even then it will be strange to suddenly give what you received earlier. Our number 1 advice in this is surely to trust your intuition a bit. Do what feels right. If it does not feel right to perform certain actions, do not force yourself into this. It is great not to do so much the first time. What caressing, massaging and kissing can mean a lot to the other person. Don’t set the bar too high and follow your feelings.


Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you are a natural talent in something, sometimes you have to practice a lot in advance to get to the same level. That is not wrong and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, some practice in advance can also make you more certain once you are together. Just practice yourself now and then. If you know for yourself what feels good, then you can also try this with the other person. You don’t have to worry as much about practical details, such as how far you put your finger in, or how you move it.