Handcuffed Sex And the Escorts for You

The handcuffs are the essential accessory for all those who bondage attracts, curious beginners as professionals of the most unbridled BDSM. We find them in luxurious version silk way, but also plastic and even long-haired.

The delicate pleasures of hindrance are all the more delicious because they are very easy to set up, all you need to do is attach yourself and let your imagination go for a flamboyant parade . And to give you some tracks in case of lack of idea caused by an uncontrollable desire in the heat of the action, here are 5 ideal positions for pleasures attached.

Basic Instinct

The iconic position of sex attached, which had its hour of glory on the occasion of the release of the film “basic instinct” with Sharon Stone. This is the position that we think first when we imagine the endearing galipots. A handcuff closed on each wrist, the chain that read them stuck in the bars of the bed. The partner thus immobilized can be on the back or stomach and suffer all the excesses of his imaginative half. The thrill of abandonment for one, the intoxication of power for the other is there. With the Chicago escortsĀ you can experience the best options now.

Release the flange

If your bed is not equipped with the bars necessary for your erotic ambitions, there is always the possibility of going orgasmic riding way. The partner kneels on the bed, hands tied behind the back, while that the other half of the couple is positioned behind for a penetration in one of the two ecstatic caves of your choice. Leave a little space between the two tied hands so that the partner on the top can grab the chain and use it as reins needed to properly ride the shackle.

Handcuffed Sex And the Escorts for You

Thank you very much

If you or your partner wants to be completely under the influence of the other for intense pleasure, start with a second pair of handcuffs for the ankles. Hand and foot related, if possible the bars of the bed for even less movement, the shackled partner does not really have a say. By adding a headband and earplugs, the sensations will definitely focus on the delicate caresses (or not) on the body. A sensual massage or soft titillations with the feather duster will raise the temperature gently.

The tied attached

Tempted by a naughty dominant dominated experience? Whether you are below in missionary mode or above in the andromaque type, it is enough for the partner who has his hands tied in front of him to leave some space between his wrists so that he can pass the chain behind the head of the other, at the level of the neck. He or she can thus force the embrace on the mouth, in the neck or elsewhere.