How the professional lesbian escorts make your night young?

The main objective of professional agency is to put their clients in contact with the London lesbian professionals, who decide to receive their clients in their facilities. The professional lesbian always respond to requests that go beyond the simple sexual act such as accompanying dinner, events or social gatherings.

What are the services?

The extra sexual services that all the young ladies offer are erotic games, adult toys, striptease, duplexes and costumes. The rest of more specific services are determined by the sexual preferences of each particular escort and you can check their availability in the complete file of the girl or negotiating directly with them. It is recommended that if you are interested in a particular service, ask the person in charge, who will help you determine the desired service.

In addition to the services provided by the lesbian escorts, you get the offer of the in house relax facilities, an experience with elegance, discretion and total hygiene – luxurious suites with private bathroom, many mirrors, towels and clean sheets in each meeting, large double beds and the possibility to take a bottle of champagne or any drink.

Outdoor booking

Many professionals offer their rooms for the night relax. If you choose professional centers, all rooms are unique and different from each other. Each suite of their house has been designed to detail to offer a perfect sexual experience with all the facilities and luxuries.

The house of appointments is different from a simple house of whores since they have discretion, luxury and professionalism. A personalized attention and professional escorts guarantee an intimate and private meeting between escorts and clients.

The people, who provide accompaniment services and / or sexual services that can be found in their premises, offer their services as independent self-employed and in no case are they employed by the company.


All types of agreement on the benefits, the amount of the same as well as the payment are made between the professionals and the respective clients. They do not establish any contractual or commercial relationship with Agency Company. The people who provide services in their premises do on their own, in their own name and by their own will.

In addition to being able to book an appointment in advance in the facilities, the companions offer company services for dinners, events and events, departures to the hotel and appointments at home.